Client Appreciation Gift
          Limoncello is the "client appreciation gift" of WSC.    

        L I M O N C E L L O; Serving suggestions  

After a large meal, this beverage will settle your stomach.  This is the cure to feeling
uncomfortably full.  We hope you enjoy this family recipe as we have; with family and

Storage suggestion:      Store in the freezer with shot glasses.
Serving Suggestion:      Serve after a large meal in shot glasses at freezer temperature.
Complements of:          The Winery Service Connection.    
                Thank you for your business!  
Get the most out of your equipment !
This recipe came from the kitchen of my aunt and uncle in Tuscany, Italy.  This is where my mother grew up.  They have a bed and
vegetables and have their own animals.  A commercial kitchen makes it easier for them to provide food that is out of this world!  
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